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Jessy wrote on March 13, 2017:
My migraines were getting really bad. I went to the doctor and she said my shoulders were super tight and tense. I found Natalya on Yelp. After the first visit, I noticed a difference in how relaxed my neck and shoulders are. She even pointed out a part on my lower back that was aching, without me specifying where it was. Looking forward to regular visits!
Aleksandr from Van nuys wrote on February 5, 2017:
Natalya is amazing! I had a two hour massage and walked out feeling incredibly relaxed. Her studio is clean, tranquil and very relaxing. She used hot stones and was very attentive to the areas that needed a massage the most. I highly recommend her services
Bill from Santa Clarita wrote on February 3, 2017:
Natalya seems to manage the combination of soothing relaxation and deep tissue therapy very effectively.
Mariah from Canyon country wrote on February 2, 2017:
Natalya's massage was gentle and relaxing in a lovely calming setting. I left feeling refreshed and happy, well cared for. She is very well trained and experienced and so sweet and easy to get along with. Of course I was a little nervous before arriving, not knowing what to expect, but was quickly relieved of any worry as she is kind and humble and knows what she is doing. You will be in good hands with Natalya. Wonderful experience thank you Natalya!
Conrad from Canyon Country wrote on January 23, 2017:
As a result of a shoulder injury, the left side of my upper torso was basically frozen with tightness and pain. It was Natalya’s mastery in massage that has finally given me relief. With her years of experience, she has nothing short of an artful touch. Thank you so much Natalya!
John Carlson from Castaic wrote on January 23, 2017:
I was soooo stressed out...and 1 hour of quiet relaxed...I finally fell asleep...and a heads up...she is really funny
no pun intended...she rocks!!
Vanessa from SCV wrote on November 29, 2016:
I just had my first massage with Natalya, and it was wonderful. I've had many massages in the scv, and this was the best. I opted for the Santa Clarita Signature Massage. I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. The environment is also very peaceful. Natalya was very nice and easy to communicate with. I highly recommend her, and will be returning again soon.
Paul from Palmdale wrote on October 29, 2016:
Natalya has wonderful massage skills, I am a sports fanatic and she helps speed my recovery by working out the tight and stiff muscles. She also finds those knots in your back and neck and expertly works them out.
Breana wrote on October 23, 2016:
Natalya is fantastic. I came into my session tense, stressed out, and overwhelmed from my day. Within an hour I was WAY more relaxed both mentally and physically. My aches and pains were all but gone. Her energy is very soothing and grounded, she knows how to treat the body and mind both! Loved the addition of aromatherapy.
Nina from CA wrote on September 26, 2016:
Natayla was nothing short of amazing , her work and my experience with her was priceless. Her professionalism and services are something I would highly recommend to anybody! For months I was having back and neck problems and Natayla did nothing less than reverse the problems I was experiencing! I'm so grateful for my experience - it was highly appreciated!!
Phil Sims from Chicago wrote on September 2, 2016:
Natalya is AMAZING and she is the kind of person who genuinely cares about what she does and you'll ALWAYS be happy with her service.
Hank from Newhall wrote on August 24, 2016:
Simply amazing. Never felt so relaxed after a massage. 5stars
Steve wrote on August 15, 2016:
You cannot find a more Amazing, Professional Therapist than Natalya!
The only way to find out is to book a session with her and see for yourself.
You won't be disappointed!
Max from Valencia wrote on August 1, 2016:
It was very great experience. Truly relaxing and muscle pain relive. Every, physically hard working person, should do it at least once in a month. Thank you
Tom Kukura from Santa Clarita wrote on July 23, 2016:
Outstanding service! Nalalya is very professional! She is absolutely the best! Definitely recommend!!
Tom from Santa Clarita wrote on July 23, 2016:
Natalya is very professional and very compassionate! Highly recommended!!
Robert Magness from Santa Clarita wrote on July 8, 2016:
Natalya is very professional and assertive with her bookings and her massage. I opted for the 90 minute massage. The mix of kneading and hot stone was welcoming, though not what I expected. Normally, I opt for kneading massage and this was a little different.

Her environment is calming and relaxing. She is strong with her massage. I highly refer her to anyone looking to create a long term relationship with a masseuese.
Alina Pavliuk from Santa Clarita, CA91387 wrote on June 2, 2016:
Very good service. Professional treatment. Massage really help me relieve my body sore and stress from hard work.
Ron from SCV wrote on June 1, 2016:
It's easy to write a great review when
someone (Natalya in this case) meets
or exceeds your expectations.

After a weekend of spring cleaning the
garage and the house, I was in bad shape.
No other way to put it. I ached from head
to toe and could barely move on Tuesday.

On Wednesday I called Natalya after reading
other reviews and thankfully she was able to
accommodate me same day.

After just a few minutes of her working on me,
I knew I was in very capable hands....hers.
She knew exactly how to address the many
issues I was dealing with.

Long story short, I woke up Thursday morning
feeling a whole lot better. I need more work still
but know that I am headed down a path to feeling
better than I have in a very long time.

I used to get massages all the time years ago.
Don't remember why I stopped but I am definitely
going to make it a regular practice in my life now
that the years are creeping up on me.

Natalya helped remind me how important it is to
take some time out for myself and do something
good for my health and well-being. I thank her for
that because somewhere, somehow, I forgot how
important it really is....especially in today's busy world.

Do yourself a favor if you're feeling like you need
a break and some relief from stress or pain. Pick
up the phone and call her. She'll take care of the rest.
Grace wrote on May 27, 2016:
I'd never had a massage before, and Natalya was very professional and made me feel very at ease. After my massage, I noticed a huge difference. My back and neck felt much more relaxed and it really helped lower my stress. I will definitely be recommending her to anyone looking for a massage!