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Dan from Fullerton wrote on November 27, 2021
Fantastic massage. Great environment and attention to problem areas. Perfect amount of pressure left me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Book an appointment and take care of yourself
Carina from Santa Clarita wrote on November 22, 2021
Natalya is awesome and I’m so glad I found her. I was having a hard time finding a massage therapist with the proper certifications and the experience. But when she worked on me (with warm stones) for the first time a few days ago i was impressed and knew she definitely has experience for 20+ years. She incorporated some neck stretches and OMG I saw stars⭐️!!!! I knew I had to book another appointment and went back today. She is very professional, organized and clean. I can’t wait for our next appointment in a few weeks.
Ann from Valencia wrote on November 21, 2021
A few months ago I had a thigh lift to remove excess saggy skin. My Dr. recommended Lymphatic massage to alleviate swelling from surgery & remove all toxins from anesthesia & all the pain meds I was on. I had no idea how incredibly amazing it would be. I researched Lymphatic Massage near me and started to review all that popped up. Santa Clarita Massage had the best reviews so I decided to give her a try. Natalya is 100% a professional in her craft, she asked me very specific questions about my surgery so she could get an idea of what I needed. The day of massage she was so informative about how important it was to do massage especially after any kind of cosmetic surgery. I did a 1hr & 1/2 massage and it was AMAZING! I was able to relax and just focus on healing. I felt so comfortable that I booked my 2nd appt before I left. So if your in need of any kind of self care/ after surgery care massage, I highly recommend Santa Clarita Massage by Natalya.
Rebecca from Valencia wrote on November 11, 2021
Natalya was absolutely incredible. I let her know what was going on and she worked magic. She listens to your concerns and is extremely knowledgeable in understanding the human body. Her area was calming, relaxing, and she had incredible energy. If you’re worried about getting a bad massage, just stop your search and book with her. Best massage I’ve ever had.
Kristianna wrote on November 8, 2021
Natalya is amazing! I went to Natalya after messing up my back during a run and thought it would be a good idea to go get a massage. She listens to what you want while still focusing on other parts of the body, I only focused on my back at the time but knew other parts were in pain, she was able to get parts in my hips that were in bothering me in the past. I didn’t want to leave after because it was just so relaxing and it was amazing to have someone who was paying attention to what was a knot and focus on those parts a bit more than I was anticipating.
Iliana from Solvang wrote on October 28, 2021
I really enjoy the massage with Natalya. My back and neck had painful knots and while she was gentle, she also helped me to loose them up. After the massage, I felt much better and my neck is not as stiff.
I highly recommend her.
Briana from Santa Clarita wrote on October 23, 2021
Natalya is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She listens to you and your body. Her hands are magic. I really enjoyed every minute of the massage. The things that I noticed that set her apart from many others I’ve experienced were as follows. The ambiance was very relaxing the little water fall and spa music she plays is perfect to calm the mind. The products she uses such as oil and scents are top of the line. What I also love is she offers longer massages then other day spas. All I can say is take a chance on her and you won’t be disappointed. She is a gem.
Toi Everhart from Santa Clarita wrote on October 6, 2021
Natalya is so fabulous at what she does. She really works out all the tension in my upper and lower back, shoulders and neck that I have due to my occupation. She’s a lifesaver! Highly recommend her.
John Carlson from Castaic wrote on September 8, 2021
I have known Natalya for 8 years, what a kind and caring person. When my lower back starts to stiffen up I make my appointment.
With the oils and the hot rocks she really gets into the lower back and it feels good. The next morning she called to ask how was my back. I totally forgot I had lower back issues, I said perfect😀👍
Definitely use her👍👍👍👍👍
Mia wrote on September 6, 2021
Natalya gave me a fantastic lymphatic massage. I would recommend her services.
Poonam from Santa Clarita wrote on September 6, 2021
Natalya is soo incredibly kind and knowledgeable. She has a very warm, sweet presence about her which makes you feel comfortable right away. I told her all my areas of concern and she listened to me right away. I had a detox lymphatic massage with harder pressure on my back and neck. It felt incredible. I left feeling calm and stress free.
April wrote on September 3, 2021
Natalya is very sweet. She explains the services and the massages before she starts and focuses on the area with your most concern. Adding the paraffin to your service is a must. It is so relaxing and helps with the detox process. I had the lymphatic and therapeutic massage, and have booked my next session. Thank you Natalya, and I am looking forward to my next relaxing session.
Jenny from Valencia wrote on August 2, 2021
Natalya was very sweet and made me feel welcomed in her studio right away! She was very gentle and cautious with my body after my 1 week post op from surgery. I recommend everyone who’s looking for a lymphatic massage to book with Natalya! You will not be disappointed.
Kathy from Santa Clarita wrote on July 30, 2021
I am very happy to have found Natalya! She is personable, very knowledgeable and caring. She listens to any specific health concerns I may have and takes them into consideration as she applies her knowledge of healing through massage. I have been a nurse for over 20 years and I value her knowledge and use of techniques to not only loosen knots and tight muscles, but how to also ease stress and promote a healthier body and sense of well-being. She's a talented professional and I highly recommend her.
Marina Adams from Valencia wrote on July 30, 2021
I really enjoyed my massage, especially on my neck and back. Natalya is very friendly and welcoming. She will ask you prior to your appointment about any issues to ensure to tailor the different massage techniques to your needs. I definitely will be back soon. Thank you 🙂
Christine from Canyon Country wrote on July 26, 2021
It's been an extremely long time since I last had a massage, so I was very happy to be gifted massages with Natalya for mother's day. My first tip is that you book early because she fills up fast! I had to wait a while before I was able to finally redeem my certificate, but dang was it ever worth it.
She creates a soothing, relaxing environment with a pleasant and kind demeanor. You can tell her where it hurts you, but she's so good at knowing her craft that she could probably tell you more about your body than you could. This is essential in a great massage therapist because it means she wants to help heal you from the inside out.
I can feel the difference after just two seasons, and I know I'll return to her for more. No need to seek out anyone else, she will take care of you and set you on a healthier path while making you feel amazing.
Jacob A. wrote on July 6, 2021
I am very picky on massage therapist and I can say that Natalia met my standards and more. Upon the initial deep tissue session, she made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Her studio is a very warm and welcoming environment that helped ease any tension any new comer may have. I struggle with severe chronic pain d/t various medical conditions and she was very talented in helping relieve muscle pain. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a massage therapist.
Silvia from Sylmar wrote on July 5, 2021
Natalya is amazing, She make you feel so comfortable an relaxed. She makes feel welcome and completely make you feel good. As the wiser I get "older" I prefer female working on me and trust me you will be amazed by her Work!
Diana from Santa Clarita wrote on July 3, 2021
🌿I deal with chronic pain in me neck and shoulders and have benefited so much from the massages I’ve had so far. Natalya is kind and her studio is relaxing. I’ve had several sessions which included parafin on my hands and feet, that extra offering really lends to the relaxation. I highly recommend Natalya, she’s exceptional at what she does.
Lost.Girl from Santa Clarita wrote on July 1, 2021
Natalya is a healer, she knew the needs of my body that I have not listened too.
I was comforted by her kind greeting and detailed massage.
She took her time working out my neglected and extreme knots (I am a manual laborer who has medical issues as well).
I knew going in I did not book enough time to resolve years worth of tense mussels, however despite this Natalya made sure every minute was used to begin my healing process.
Her table was plush and the room was well set to tranquil sounds and smells. It is a private studio, Quiet, Clean and nicely darkened to ensure you escape reality for the moment and relax.
Personally I prefer private massages (like Natalya's) appose to corporate ones.
I enjoy one on one experience's where I can get to know the misuse over time.
I felt comfort during the massage without stressing over a waiting room of people pushing me out the door the moment my appointment was over.
Natalya is for those of us pursing continual results.
Her experience is greatly appreciated.
She was so kind about informing me on the importance of continuing treatment at home and reminded me to drink lots of water before and after to help flush my system and prevent soar mussels tomorrow.
I had not felt the intensity of my knots until she worked on me today (ignoring the pain as most of us surly do).
She helped me realize this is something I am going to pursue and budget for because it is an important part in the next steps of me pursing happiness and healing in my life.
I scheduled with short notice a few days ago and she was able to schedule me within the same week.
It was my first time with her and I am happily scheduled for a long and productive massage in the weeks to follow.
Thank you Natalya for being kind and helping me realize, how worth it; self care truly is!