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Cody Totta from Santa Clarita wrote on June 1, 2020
My wife and I recently received amazing massages from Natalya. She is very great at her craft and focuses on the exact type of massage and area you need. Thank you! You won’t regret getting a massage.
Diane from santa clarita wrote on May 24, 2020
I am so grateful to have found Natalya on my Google search, first time going to her i could hardly move my neck, but after she worked on my back and neck for over 2 hours I was able to get movement back. I am looking forward to my next vist😀
Eric from Santa Clarita wrote on May 17, 2020
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and be treated by Natalya. Selecting a massage therapist can often be difficult because a friends recommendation is often based on what works for them and little experience. I have had many massages and different types throughout the world. Natalya is very gifted as she quickly adapts to the needs of your body. She combines her years of experience and expertise in training to heal your injuries, your chronic pain and relieve your stress. She is holistic in her approach and her life and this pours over into amazing care. Her facility is relaxing, spotless and inviting.
John C from Castaic wrote on May 12, 2020
My friend Ed introduced me to Natalya when my lower back went out. My Chiropractor said get a good massage it will help.
So my friend Ed said I will book your appointment with Natalya at Santa Clarita Valley massage.
Wow!! I love the heat rocks she placed on my lower back and the oils. A nice pleasant and quiet setting. Then she started working my back, shoulders, lower back Etc.
A few visits later with Natalya a crack from my chiropractor and I’m back (pun intended).
She is great!!
Mollie from Castaic wrote on May 6, 2020
I was a little nervous because it is done in her studio but it was actually more peaceful and relaxing. I loved the aromatherapy that hits you when you walk in the door. I got the pregnancy massage and it was amazing! I will defiantly be back shortly !
Mellisa P from Saugus wrote on May 5, 2020
I have had a back to back the most amazing massage where I felt that I was floating in air. My body felt so much better and noticed a big difference. Natalie knew exactly what my body needed and directly when to work on all of the tough areas. It was a 360 when I left there. I Would highly recommend her.
Kristine from Valencia wrote on May 4, 2020
Hi- Natalya is fantastic! She is very professional; has a very clean, relaxing place; gave me a wonderful massage. I highly recommend her.
Rico from Saugus wrote on April 17, 2020
Natalya is the most wonderful massage therapist that I have had the pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable in many techniques, including the latest - cupping. I would recommend her to anyone. She has been successful in working out the many aches and pains that I bring with me to the massage table.
RICKY from SAUGUS wrote on April 15, 2020
I love this place! so clean and Natalya is so professional. I've been going there for more than one year and I really love her massages and a fantastic price. Highly recommended. This is the best place to get massage in Santa Clarita.
Megan from Valencia wrote on March 9, 2020
I just had the most relaxing massage I’ve ever had with Natalya. I have several issues ranging from high blood pressure to depression and PTSD and I can already tell from one massage that regularly seeing Natalya will benefit me greatly. She was able to work on the knots on my neck without causing any pain at all, something I have never experienced. I will absolutely be back.
Sumit Mantaporn from Sarasota wrote on February 9, 2020
Natalya was very pleasant, exceptional experience. I went too long without a great massage, she sure made up for it. I would definitely be back whenever I’m in town again. Best in town, so I’ve heard and she lived up to the good words.
Jesseca from Acton wrote on January 16, 2020
I am a massage therapist myself and need relief from the hard labor I put my body through and Natalya did just that for me! It was more than I expected including hot stones, aromatherapy and Natalya being very intuitive of my trouble areas. I highly recommend her any kind of massage your looking for!
Francisco Garcia from Aliso Viejo wrote on December 8, 2019
What amazing massage I had, I was feeling bad very stressful a lot of pain in my upper back and neck and after I had the massage with Natalya, I feel like new, my main is like new, my back is feeling great and is only the first massage, I’m looking forward for the second one, very happy with her, very professional, I highly recommend her.
Denise from Valencia wrote on November 23, 2019
I recently moved back to Santa Clarita and the move was a bit hectic in addition to having g had oral surgery prior to my move. The surgery caused my jaw to lock and difficulty with my range of motion. After 2 visits with Natalya, she has significantly helped to release the tensions all over my body but more importantly, taking time to listen to my need to focus on my jaw. Her holistic approach to mind, body and spirit resonates with my being! So happy to have found Natalya to help my recovery and going forward, maintaining my holistic health.
Ken Coleman from Austun Tx. wrote on November 10, 2019
I have had massages all over the world. On 32 cruises in europe,Italy, Canada, all over mexico, Africa, 20 state in the US. including Hawaii Maui, all over the Bahamas. Then I thought I had experuenced the most overall experience in South Africa. Until i was recomended to Natalya. They say the best massage comes from the spirit of the person who is dilivering it. There is a huge difference between someone who does Massage and someone who Lives The holistic Arts as a faith of Spirit. She embodies the intent of a true relaxing and spiritual full body experience Massage. The best I have ever recieved. I just had to pass this on to any true person of Mind Body Spirit experience...

Ken Coleman
Austin Texas
Danielle from Santa Clarita wrote on September 13, 2019
I’ve been in need for massages during my pregnancy, and I am so glad I found Natalya. She is truly the best therapist I’ve received a massage from. She is trained in pregnancy massage and is in tune with what pregnant mamas need and what’s good for the baby. I always feel SO good after these massages. It was clear within the first 5 minutes of my first appointment with her that she is way more skilled than the average massage therapist, so it makes sense why she has such a strong following and many regular clients. If you’re pregnant, give her a try!
Russ Stacey from Valencia wrote on September 4, 2019
I have experienced some recent tough life events and knew I needed to work some of the stress out of my body before it did further damage and add even more stress and potential illness. I found Natalya through her massage business and discovered it was located near my residence. From the moment I entered her relaxing workplace and laid upon her comfortable table, I began to feel the stress dissolve. Her hands were pure magic and found all the muscle knots that had developed over the recent stress. She worked wonders as I left with an entire new sense of well-being and relaxation. That night, I slept like a baby! I highly recommend Natalya and look forward to my next massage as I am now a regular client!
Mike R from South Bay wrote on July 19, 2019
This weekend I had the pleasure of receiving an enchanting 90-minute therapeutic massage with Natalya sole owner of Santa Clarita Message. Her studio is clean, tranquil, comfortable and relaxing. The scent was amazing, you can tell she prides herself on her aromatherapy using the highest qualities of oils and candles.

I’ve tried many neighborhood day spas in the past, but this could be my go-to spot. I decided to check out Natalya based on positive social media recommendations and since I have an ailing lower lumbar spine from an auto accident, serious knots, and a high stress job as an advertising executive,

Natalya has a great reputation, a large active community of followers, people she personally connects with, plus she was rated #1 by FOX 11 as the best new massage place in Los Angeles. She is a professional and goes out of her way to ensure that you have a good experience at her studio.

She is very dear, meticulous, thoughtful and caring. In addition, she is very competent, skilled and qualified with a total of 19 certifications; so, Natalya is a “real therapist” not just you’re an average masseuse.

Natalya does all client in-take over the phone, not by an impersonal text or email, she really takes the time to get to know her clients, in terms of their bodies, ailments, medical issues, history, and their likes and dislikes. She has the ability to listen to your words and your body, and her healing strong hands can both provide a deep tissue massage, to the lightest touch for sensory relaxation.

The actual massage experience was amazing, she started with a glorious paraffin wax treatment on my hands and feet, to de-stress and detoxify my body as a precursor to the massage. By adding hot stones, she helped relieve muscle tension and pain. I was completely relaxed and Natalya knew exactly what to do to treat each knotted problem area in my neck, shoulders, lower back and tightness in my legs.

The ambiance, massage table, music, trickling water fountain, and of course the captivating massage will have me coming back for more and more.

5-stars!!! Please try Natalya you will not be disappointed.
Shannon Hughes from Chicago wrote on June 30, 2019
Most people take to social media to write and say bad things about people or businesses. This is NOT one of those times. I recently was in California from Chicago and I had a very hectic schedule. I needed to get a massage treatment badly. I am so glad that I found Santa Clarita Massage and Natalya was an absolute Goddess. The hospitality and atmosphere could NOT have been any better. Very clean and upscale. My only problem is when the experience was over. I will find my way back to Santa Clarita Massage with Natalya very soon and very often. Please do yourself a favor.
John Douglas from Santa Clarita wrote on June 1, 2019
The perfect massage by a truly wonderful person. I can't imagine a better experience.