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honestPete wrote on October 24, 2008:
two words- True Bliss. thats the only way to describe a massage from Natalya. Always professional, and caring, with a highly intuitive touch.
The private studio is soothing and tranquil. Above all else, the massages are consistent; always a great relaxing massage- Gifted hands.
steve661 wrote on October 23, 2008:
Excellent massage, experienced,great energy, beautiful careing lady.I have been coming to her for over 8 years and she is still the best and every year even better.
Thanks again!
soft wrote on October 23, 2008:
Natalya has a gift and if you want a massage from someone that really loves what she does then treat yourself to SCV best. She will make you feel at home in her place. I can't wait till my next massage from Nat.

cnicc10 wrote on October 19, 2008:
Natalya is the best. I have been going to her for 8 years and would never use anyone else. I have received gift certificates over past 8 years and no one can compare to Natalya.
foxie4 wrote on October 19, 2008:
Very relaxing.
mrsc696 wrote on October 18, 2008:
I have been going to her for over six months now. She always works me into her schedule. does a wonderful massage and is a great conversationalist and a very positive and pleasant person. Thanks Mike
Curly818 wrote on October 18, 2008:
Natalya is an exceptional masseuse that takes pride in her work, I have had her working on my back for more than a year and till this day she hasn't let me down. Everytime she leaves me feeling replenished and satisfied with her services.
bbbx3 wrote on October 17, 2008:
Used to frequent this location quite a bit till I moved away. Always a treat to visit when I am in town.
petdo wrote on October 17, 2008:
natalya is a great massage therapist!
robath wrote on October 16, 2008:
Extremely knowledgeable in her field, sweet, and caring. She has an amazing ability to provide the most tranquil environment to ensure you forget every stress in your life and just enjoy the massage.
Kostya23 wrote on October 15, 2008:
Natalya is very professional and the greatest massage therapist ever. She is always loyal to her customers and she is great woman ,as well, always willing to talk to her customers. She has beautiful place that customer will enjoy relaxing music ( i enjoy with ocean waves melody) and the candles lit the room with soft glow... its very romantic...After massage it feel like you are in heaven.. She is always uses different techniques....I love it ( i love the hot stones) .... Also, her place all the time is clean and perfect.The most important i think, She provides with parking too.. you don't have to look for it. She is the best, greatest, and awesome massage therapist... I would recommend Natalya to anyone...I can't wait to go again...
SunDevil87 wrote on October 15, 2008:
Natalya is a sweet and genuine woman. She is a professional in every sense of the word and attentive to her clients' needs. I have been seeing Natalya since 2001 and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She has the ability to always be pleasant, and I know things aren't perfect all the time, but she can put it aside and focus on YOU!
Dr. Rick
kefuss wrote on October 15, 2008:
Great Massage
jeffgrahm wrote on October 14, 2008:
What can I say. Best around. Knows what a body neads!
Just wish I could see her more often
sreveles wrote on October 14, 2008:
Natalya gave me a fantastic massage and really specified the massage to my needs as an athlete. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a massage therapist that intuitively responds to your specific body needs during the massage.
GreyReaver wrote on October 14, 2008:
Natalya is a talented and intuitive massage therapist. She provides a peaceful and relaxing environment. She is very caring and possesses many modalities in which to provide a thorough massage experience. I recommend you give her a call and schedule a massage. . . Today!
voteassage wrote on October 13, 2008:
I have been going to MassageSantaClarita for years and love every minute!! She's thorough and gets out all my knots and crimps. Great massage!
headshot_221 wrote on October 13, 2008:
She is the best.
asdfadsf wrote on October 12, 2008:
jimi70 wrote on October 12, 2008:
I have known Natalya for years and years.She is best of the best!Great relaxing place, privat,tranquil,rejuvenating awesome experience.She knows the body,technics and put personal attention to my problems.Can't wait to see her again.Thank you to MassageSantaClarita business!